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  • James Witmer

Unlocking Potential: The King Cobas Hockey Club's Premier Goalie Development Program

In the competitive world of hockey, the role of the goalie is both crucial and demanding. Recognizing this, the King Cobas Hockey Club is thrilled to continue our elite Goalie Development Program, led by the renowned Coach Neil Scancerella. This initiative is our commitment to not only fostering outstanding goalies but also to making our club the top destination for goalie talent in the Atlantic district.

A Unique Approach to Goalie Development

At the heart of our program is the belief that goalies require specialized, focused training that addresses the unique challenges of their position. Coach Scancerella, with his extensive experience and passion for the game, has crafted a curriculum that offers personalized attention through small group sessions. These sessions are tailored to goalies across all age levels, ensuring that each participant receives the guidance needed to excel.

Regular, Focused Training

Our training sessions, held weekly or bi-weekly, are designed to push goalies to their limits while fostering an environment of growth and camaraderie. Under Coach Scancerella's guidance, goalies work on everything from fundamental skills to advanced techniques, ensuring they are well-rounded and game-ready.

Goal Setting and Evaluations

A cornerstone of our program is the emphasis on goal setting and mid-year evaluations. We believe that setting clear, achievable goals is vital for development. Our mid-year evaluations provide goalies with invaluable feedback, allowing them to adjust their training focus and strive for new heights.

Mental Toughness and Mindset

Understanding the mental aspect of goaltending, our program includes goalie "mindset" zoom meetings. These sessions are dedicated to building mental resilience, focus, and the right mindset for facing the pressures of the game. Coach Scancerella leads these discussions, sharing insights and strategies to strengthen mental toughness.

Exclusive Opportunities and Resources

Participants in our program receive first call to cutting-edge events and clinics, offering unparalleled access to advanced training opportunities and exposure. Additionally, for those interested in furthering their skills through analysis, we offer video access to sessions for personal review.

Our Commitment to Goalie Success

The King Cobas Hockey Club is determined to provide goalies with every possible resource to succeed. Our Goalie Development Program is more than just training; it's a comprehensive support system designed to elevate goalies' skills, mindset, and opportunities in the hockey world.

Why Choose Our Program?

Choosing the King Cobas Hockey Club's Goalie Development Program means becoming part of a community that values excellence, dedication, and continuous improvement. We are committed to making our club the best place for goalies to play in the Atlantic district by offering:

  • Personalized coaching from a seasoned expert.

  • A supportive, challenging training environment.

  • Tools and resources for mental and physical development.

  • Exclusive access to premier hockey events and clinics.

  • A clear path for growth and advancement in hockey.

Join Us and Elevate Your Game

We invite goalies who are passionate about their position and eager to take their skills to the next level to join our Goalie Development Program. With Coach Neil Scancerella at the helm, our program is poised to transform talented goalies into the champions of tomorrow.

Are you ready to be part of the best goalie program in the Atlantic district? Contact the King Cobas Hockey Club today to learn more and apply. Together, we will unlock your potential and pave the way for your success on and off the ice.


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