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  • James Witmer

Discover the Thrills of Mite Hockey with the Cutting Edge King Cobras

The Ideal Starting Point for Young Hockey Enthusiasts

Hockey, often known as the fastest game on ice, is a sport that captivates and challenges young athletes. For those at the Mite level (typically ages 7-8), finding the right team and environment to nurture their budding talents is crucial. The Cutting Edge King Cobras offer an unparalleled experience for young players, combining top-notch facilities, expert coaching, and a host of other benefits. Here's why playing with the King Cobras at the Mite level is a decision that can set young players on a path to success and enjoyment in the sport.

Perfect Rink Size for Optimal Gameplay

The King Cobras play at a rink specifically tailored for Mite-level games. Unlike larger rinks that can be overwhelming for younger players, our rink size is perfectly proportioned to suit their skill level and physical capabilities. This smaller size ensures more touches of the puck for each player, fostering skill development and a deeper understanding of the game.

Exceptional Coaching Staff Led by Coach Frank Kern

At the helm of our coaching staff is the seasoned Coach Frank Kern, renowned for his expertise and dedication to youth hockey. Coach Kern's approach is centered around player development, emphasizing skill acquisition, game understanding, and sportsmanship. Supported by a team of experienced assistants, the coaching staff provides personalized attention to each player, ensuring their individual growth and enjoyment of the game.

Abundant Ice Time and Exclusive Opportunities

One of the standout features of the King Cobras program is the ample ice time allotted to each team. Regular practices and games ensure that players have numerous opportunities to hone their skills. Additionally, the program includes free clinics and private lessons (a $900 value) as part of the tuition. These sessions are crucial for addressing individual player needs and accelerating development.

Hosting of Our Own Mite Tournament and Entry into Additional Competitions

The King Cobras not only participate in various local and regional tournaments but also host their own Mite tournament. This event is a highlight of the season, offering a competitive and fun atmosphere where players can showcase their skills and team spirit. Additionally, the team participates in three other tournaments throughout the season, providing diverse competitive experiences against a range of opponents.

Conclusion: A Foundation for Future Success

Choosing the Cutting Edge King Cobras at the Mite level offers young hockey players a unique combination of facilities, coaching, and opportunities. The program's focus on player development, coupled with its commitment to providing ample ice time and competitive experiences, makes it an ideal choice for young athletes looking to embark on their hockey journey. With the King Cobras, players not only improve their skills but also foster a lifelong love for the game.


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